Oct 18, 2010

Taylor's Homecoming Dance 2010

Let me start by saying that I can't believe that these two handsome young men are going to homecoming looking all grown up! It seems like just yesterday they were wrestling in their underoos, playing with light sabers and making experiments! Time just flies....they have been best friends since the second grade!

Emily LOVED Madison's mum....I had to keep it up high so she wouldn't mess with it!

Of course Emily loves her big brother so she had to get in on the pictures too!

This is the group! Most of these kids have been going to school together since kindergarten so soon after. I love how close they all are....like family!!
I didn't get pictures of each couple as they were ready for us parents to get out of there so they could eat! Keller's mother decorated the table so beautiful for them and had the cutest place cards.

Jayce and Nadia....(Jayce is hilarious and the most talented piano player...also he is such a warrior for Christ at such a young age. Taylor said he blessed the food before they ate dinner!)
Nadia is gorgeous!

Johnny and Katelyn....(Johnny and Taylor have been best friends since about 2nd grade!)

Macy and Blake....(both sweet kids!)

Keller and Alex (Alex is quiet but very funny...Keller is sweet as can be!)

Taylor and Madison....(they have been friends since Kindergarten!)

This is Maddie putting gas in our truck while Taylor watches....(actually this was her idea and we thought it was a cute photo opp!!)


The LaJeunesse Family said...

I love love love "meeting" new adoptive families!!!

Hoots Momma said...

So cute. I am glad it was a great evening!