Oct 14, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge......Day 1 "Getting to Know Me"

A few blogs that I follow are doing this so I thought I would since lately I have had some serious bloggers block! I thought this was a good way for people that read my blog that don't know me in real could get to know ME!!! So today is just that "Getting to Know Me"....
This is a picture of me and my baby girl taken last November! I love this picture....even though I need to shed a few pounds at frankly still do!
(this challenge may not be 30 consecutive days as I will blog about others things too if needed....like tomorrow my big baby boy goes to his freshman homecoming! How did that happen?)

Just random facts about me that make me who I am!

1. I grew up in a home where my parents were divorced and I have one little brother. I saw my Dad a lot even though he didn't always live with us. My brother, poor thing, had two moms...me and our mom! I was very bossy from the time I could talk!

2. I have never wanted to "be" anything...like a teacher or nurse or whatever....I just wanted to be a MOM! I had always just wanted to get married and have kids!

3. I met my husband at Sears and thought he was an arrogant jerk but he soon turned out to be my soul mate at the ripe age of 17.

4. We were married when he was 19 and I was 21. (YES...I robbed the cradle!)

5. I am not very book smart but I think I have lots of common sense.

6. I always said I would NEVER go to a Baptist church and now I wouldn't be ME without my Baptist church!

7. I have never had more friends in my life then I do right now!

8. My husband and I were "this close" to filing for divorce when God restored our marriage into a marriage that is awesome!

9. Taylor was a miracle baby in so many different ways! (That may be another story one day!)

10. Noah was born in Marc's heart before mine....(another story too!)

11. Jesse and Noah are biological brothers from Korea and it was a miracle that we have him!

12. Emily was conceived after we were told we would never have biological children again and she was conceived on month after Marc cancelled his "free" vasectomy!

13. Every Sunday in church I cry for my baby boy in Haiti that is waiting on us....I close my eyes and picture myself rocking him and singing to him and just loving on him and I ache for the day I will actually be able to do that!

14. I am a worrier....I know the Bible says we shouldn't and I am asking for forgiveness for that ALL THE TIME but I can worry the socks of something!

15. I wish I could homeschool my kids and not have to be away from them everyday but I just can't!

16. I want to grow as a Christian and be able to pray out loud in front of people but right now I am just so scared!

17. I think my husband is the smartest man I have ever met.

18. Sometimes I don't know what I did to deserve all that I have but I pray that I continue to glorify Him and never take my blessings for granted!

19. I would love to have an event planning service and I also would love to own my own boutique one day!

20. I love to take vacations!

21. Marc says I have OCD when it comes to planning parties!


Karen H TX said...

I'm so blessed to call you my friend. You're a wonderful mom and I can say the same, that I never wanted to "be" anything but a wife and mom. Now that my kiddos are older, I love working with CDO, putting my mom skills to use with other kiddos. Love ya Girl!

Christy said...

You're a blessing! Neat to read things about people, even when you do know them in real life! Thank you for always leaving such precious comments on my blog. And never fear, if you were to say something "stupid," I would give you a sticker! ;) Glad to call you friend. Love, Christy

Hoots Momma said...

Great post girl... please don't obsess about the upcoming sprinkle...