Sep 8, 2010

You are 13 months today!!!!

What a little girl you are becoming....where is my baby? You have changed so much just in the last month. You are walking EVERYWHERE....sometimes you are almost running!
You say Daddy, Bubba and we are thinking that you say Puppy. You make a little "erf erf" sound that is so cute!! You sound like a little puppy dog. You have 11 teeth and eat everything we eat but you still love your bottle of milk. You can move the gate to climb the stairs to get up there with your brothers. You love to splash in the commode and unroll all the toilet paper. You like to get in my makeup and you actually know what to do with some of it. You go just about everywhere I do and I love that. I am so blessed to get to spend every minute with you. I sometimes wish I could slow down time as you are growing up way to fast! I love you my sweet baby girl!!


Christy said...

She is so adorable! Can't wait for Emily and Cora to have tea parties and sleepovers! What fun!

Jackie said...

So beautiful!! I love that outfit!!!

a.halstead said...

she is absolutely beautiful.