Sep 11, 2010

A Better Haiti.....update and what is coming soon!!!

Our website to donate to Brent Gambrell Ministries is coming soon and looks SO GOOD!! I can't wait to see how God works through that site and my husband's efforts to raise money for the people of Haiti. Have I told you how awesome he is and how proud I am of him for all he has done???? Well I AM!!!! God has moved in his life in a mighty way and I know will continue to. Rather he raises the money to build one house or a hundred I will still be as proud of him. Today we have sent BGM a check for $4200 and about to send another one for $2100. That is a total of $6300!!! The first money went to buy laptops for teachers so they have the tools they need for teaching and the second will go towards the first house we will build!
If you feel led to give...even as little as $5 helps....then please let me know or wait a week or so until we announce the new website and you can go straight there to donate!!!

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Christy said...

That's awesome! So proud to know and love you guys!