Aug 9, 2010

My baby girl is ONE!!!!

I can't believe that you are one!!! You had a great birthday party with lots of people that love you. You stayed awake the whole day and into the night. You finally fell asleep about 10. You were quiet the grouch yesterday on your actual birthday! It's ok's your birthday and you could cry if you want to!!
Here are some things you are doing....

You are eating all kinds of things.
You took two steps and are cruising everything.
You clap and say "YAY".
You can show us where your nose is.
You can pat your head when I ask you "Where is the baby?"
You LOVE to climb the stairs.
You are drinking whole milk now.
You are sitting in a big girl car seat.
You all of the sudden HATE your bath.
You say Bubba, Dada and occasionally Mama!!!
You love dogs.
You love Taylor....right now he is your favorite.
You love to hug your stuff animals and doll.
When Meme gave you your first doll you slapped it!!! LOL!!!
You love to look out the window to the backyard.

You are growing into such a little girl. We had your ears pierced last weekend and you look precious. I love you so much sweet girl and can't imagine not having you in my life. God is so good to me!!!
Happy First Birthday Emily Grace Estes!!!!


MrsKBJ said...

Hppy Birthday Emily!!! I would say I can't believe she is one, but I can!! I am still not believing my baby girl turned 2 last week!!

Congrats on your adoption too!! Very exciting!! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope it is a smooth and quick process for you!!!


Hoots Momma said...

it let me back on today!! yipeeee!

Christy said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! She's such a doll!