Aug 30, 2010

First Day of School and Weekly Menu........

First of all...Taylor, my freshman, said I could take a picture but was NOT allowed to post it on Facebook or my blog!! He made that very clear!! I wish you all could see how handsome he maybe later I will sneak a picture up of him!!
My sweet boy Noah is in the third grade this year! WOW...seems like just yesterday we were waiting on him to come home to us!! I know he will have a great year....he is such a smart boy!

Jesse seems to love school and LOVES his teacher! He went in that day very confident, which can me a good thing but can be a bad thing too. Jesse thinks he is the boss where ever he is so let's pray he knows who is boss at school!!!
I can't believe my little man is in kindergarten!

Weekly Menu.....

Monday- Grilled Cheese and soup (something easy since I was up all night with our little princess!)

Tuesday- TV night at the Browns!!

Wednesday- Chicken Spaghetti, Salad and Garlic Bread

Thursday- Baked Fish, veggies and bread


Saturday- not sure....we are taking the boys fishing so it may be something fast!!

Aug 25, 2010

Emily's Sweet Shoppe Part 3.....The Cake Smash!

These are totally out of order! The first one is actually after I cleaned her up!
I love all the pictures and the party turned out exactly how I wanted. Thank you Southern Grace photography for capturing it all!!!

Aug 24, 2010

Emily's Sweet Shoppe!! Part 2- The Birthday Girl

These are just of her playing....stayed tuned tomorrow for the cake smashing pictures!!! Until then enjoy!!!!!

Aug 23, 2010

Emily's Sweet Shoppe!!! Part 1- The Decorations...

Here are pictures of just the decor from Emily's Sweet Shoppe....her first birthday party!!! The pictures were taken by Sabrina from Southern Grace Photography.
I will post more tomorrow as there are tons!!!!