Jul 18, 2010

Wish I was there......

My husband and son are in Haiti this week with 28 others from our church and boy do I wish I could have gone but Emily and my little boys needed me more after being gone so much this summer. I can just tell by my Marc's voice and facebook updates that he is changed already and has only been there 24 hours. I know I would be too! He says they walked into church this morning and the locals actually gave up their seats for them. Marc said I won't believe the video of the service and how grateful they are when they literally have nothing. Wow....and we sometimes pray for things that we don't even need...just something we may want! I am so excited to hear about Taylor's experience and continue to pray this week that God touches him in SO many ways and that both of my guys are huge blessings to at least one person there!! If you read this blog will you pray too????

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