Jul 8, 2010

Happy 11 Month Birthday Emily Grace......

How can it be that I am planning my baby girls first birthday party??? Where does the time go? (I know I say that every monthly post...sorry!!)
Here are some new things she is doing.....

Eating table food....almost anything we eat.
Sucks out of a straw and almost has mastered the sippy cup.
Claps and tries to say "YAY"
Plays patty cake...her version!!
Pulls up on everything and cruises the furniture.
Loves dogs!!
Loves her brothers and lights up when her Daddy gets home.
When you ask her where's the baby she will pat her head!!

Most of all she lights up the room and everyone that meets her thinks she is beautiful and so well behaved. Let's hope it stays that way!!!

Stay tuned for next month's post as it will be of her first birthday party and there will be a ton of pictures!!!

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Hoots Momma said...

Girl, where have yall been? We haven't seen yall at VBS.