May 10, 2010

Weekly menu.....

Monday- dinner with The Brown's and watch Amazing Race!!

Tuesday- Eat out....Jesse has his Pre-School Graduation

Wednesday- Whole Wheat Hamburger Helper (hubby will be out of town so that is the only time we can eat HH...he hates it!!)

Thursday- Spaghetti, bread and salad

Friday- Taking Taylor out to eat for his 14th Birthday today!!!

Saturday- PARTY!!! It's my birthday today and Taylor's party. Daddy is grilling hamburgers and we are having lots of cake!! I will definately be cheating on my WW's today!!! It's my birthday and I can eat if I want too!!! LOL!!


Jackie said...

Have your cake and eat it too!! : ) Lots of great celebrations, so enjoy the food! Yay for birthdays!

Christy said...

Yummy! See you at graduation! Happy birthday if I forget. :)