May 21, 2010

A prayer for my son(s).....

Let me first start by saying that I have really been struggling with the thought that Taylor will be going into high school and the thought of that in four years could be possibly leaving home and going off to college. That just scares me and makes me sad all at once! Taylor has gone to the same school since K5 and has been with the same small group of kids since then. Some have left but not many. At the beginning of this year he told us that he would like to go to another high school that is HUGE compared to where he is now and we really didn't like the idea but told him that if he really wanted to then he could earn it and we talked about some things that had to be done this summer to earn that opportunity. The whole time thinking that it would give him the chance to change his mind. So, in the last month or so I have prayed over that boy like never before. I have always prayed over him but this time was different and not just about school but his life in general and some other struggles we have had in the past two years or so. Nothing major...just small things. Well lately I have really seen a change in him...he has more of an openness to him with his Dad and I and really confides in us about friends and things and isn't SO embarrassed of us like he has been the last two years or so!! LOL!!! Yesterday he and I went shopping together and the ride to the mall was about 45 minutes and that boy did not stop talking the whole time. I loved it!!! During our talk he revealed the reason he all of the sudden wants to stay in his school, which is a Christian school, and it made me smile from ear to ear and at that moment I looked up and quietly thanked God for answered prayers!! NOT that my prayers will stop....they have only just begun!!!!
I came across this prayer today from a lady to her son and this just about covers it all....and should be a prayer for all of us to our children. Enjoy....

Dear Heavenly Father,

I receive, welcome and acknowledge my son as a delightful blessing from you. In the name of Jesus, I speak your blessings upon his life right now. I thank You for blessing me with his presence in my life. Thank You Lord for the opportunity to take care of him, to teach him, to hold him, to hug him and to love him throughout his years.

Lord, I ask that you place a hedge of protection upon him and keep him safe and protected. Send Your warring ministering and guardian angels to surround him. Cover him with Your precious blood, from head to toe, side to side and inside and out.

I pray that you create a desire in his heart to serve you with a willing and obedient spirit. Let the words that come out of his mouth glorify You, and let his actions be a testimony to all who come in contact with him. Let Your light shine in him, through him and out of him. Let others be touched by the grace that surrounds him.

Lord, I ask that You perfect will be done in his life. And Lord, I ask that if there is anything impure in his life, that you speak to his spirit and convict him so that he may know Your truth. Give him the wisdom to know what is displeasing to You Lord. Give him the gift of boldness to say "no" when it's time to say "no" to ungodly things and desires. Send Your Holy Spirit to fill him, to guide him and to enlighten him throughout his walk with You Father God. I ask that You surround him with others who love You Lord so that together they can pray and build each other up in Your prefect ways. Let them hold each other accountable in every thing they do and say.

Give him a peace in his heart, and a stillness in his spirit so that he may hear what You have to say to him in all circumstances. I pray that his life glorifies You in every way, and is a mighty witness to others.

In Jesus Name I ask all this. Thank You Father for hearing my prayer. And I thank You for what You will be doing in his life. Amen and Amen!

I Love You My precious Son! You are a true blessing from God!


Red Noodles said...

Lesley,after reading your post, I just have to tell you how proud I am of you and how blessed I feel to be a part of your life. You are what being a Christian is really about. Sure love ya, girl. Carole

Hoots Momma said...

Les, thanks for this wonderful post. I am so glad he's opened up. God is sooo good. Love ya, SAL

Jackie said...

I love this prayer! Thanks for sharing!What a great prayer for our boys!! The years FLY by, don't they???