May 17, 2010

Jesse Min is 5 today.....Happy Birthday baby boy!

Five years ago today and very young lady gave birth to a precious little boy and decided to give us another precious gift of being his parents and letting him be raised with his older brother. I was so happy the day I received that call and could not wait to meet him.....
This picture is the first time I ever laid eyes of one of the most precious baby boys in the world. He was not very happy at first to meet his new mom and dad but that did not last long.....

It didn't take him longer then about a month to become the happiest, wildest, funniest, most lovable baby! I can't imagine life without him!

Here is my sweet boy now...I can't believe that he is about to be in kindergarten!
He was one of God's greatest surprises to us....what a blessing to be his momma!!

As you can see in the pictures Jesse has always loved to suck his thumb and today at the age of 5 STILL loves it!!! We may have a huge orthodontist bill later but right now he is NOT giving it up anytime soon. He rides a bike like he has known how his whole life and swims like a fish. He loves trains and monster trucks!!
I will miss our days together when he goes to K5 next year but I know he will love school and learn lots of new things!!!

I love you Jesse Min!!!!

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Hoots Momma said...

sweet sweet jesse. we need to have a play date again soon. we miss you guys!