May 8, 2010

Happy 9 Month Birthday Emily Grace!!

It seems like every time I turn around I am writing her monthly birthday thing I know she will be 18!!! Wow...time is flying by and my kiddos are all growing way to fast. I sometimes wish I could freeze time right now!!
Emily is doing all kinds of things now days....she is finally eating "real" food as we skipped baby food altogether. She just doesn't like it but she loves when we give her tiny bites of what we eat. She loves greens and meatloaf!! She also likes shredded cheese...just like her momma! She still nurses most of the time too. She weighs about 22lbs...of course Daddy thinks its more but we will see at her 9 month check up this week. She is not crawling yet but can sure get where she wants to go by rolling. She can sit up from a laying position and has even pulled up to her knees. Who knows...maybe she will skip crawling and just walk. Just the last day or so she has started waving "bye bye" and will say Da-da and one or two times has said Mama!! Such a sweet little voice.
I guess it's time to really start the planning of her first birthday party....I have actually had a file of ideas on my computer BEFORE I ever even had a girl!! Don't know why as she was and still is the biggest SURPRISE blessing ever!!!

Happy 9 month Birthday Sweet Baby girl!!!


Lianna Knight said...

She gets cuter and cuter every single day!

I hope you have a blessed Mother's Day!

MrsKBJ said...

So cute!!! Happy 9 mo bday Emily!!