May 23, 2010

Made In The USA.....

These "Made in the USA" bloomers were passed down to Emily by her friend Kirstin! I love them and think they are so cute on Emily....of course Emily probably fills them out more then Kirstin did!! Kirstin is a petite little thing now at three and Emily is....well a CHUNK!!!

May 21, 2010

A prayer for my son(s).....

Let me first start by saying that I have really been struggling with the thought that Taylor will be going into high school and the thought of that in four years could be possibly leaving home and going off to college. That just scares me and makes me sad all at once! Taylor has gone to the same school since K5 and has been with the same small group of kids since then. Some have left but not many. At the beginning of this year he told us that he would like to go to another high school that is HUGE compared to where he is now and we really didn't like the idea but told him that if he really wanted to then he could earn it and we talked about some things that had to be done this summer to earn that opportunity. The whole time thinking that it would give him the chance to change his mind. So, in the last month or so I have prayed over that boy like never before. I have always prayed over him but this time was different and not just about school but his life in general and some other struggles we have had in the past two years or so. Nothing major...just small things. Well lately I have really seen a change in him...he has more of an openness to him with his Dad and I and really confides in us about friends and things and isn't SO embarrassed of us like he has been the last two years or so!! LOL!!! Yesterday he and I went shopping together and the ride to the mall was about 45 minutes and that boy did not stop talking the whole time. I loved it!!! During our talk he revealed the reason he all of the sudden wants to stay in his school, which is a Christian school, and it made me smile from ear to ear and at that moment I looked up and quietly thanked God for answered prayers!! NOT that my prayers will stop....they have only just begun!!!!
I came across this prayer today from a lady to her son and this just about covers it all....and should be a prayer for all of us to our children. Enjoy....

Dear Heavenly Father,

I receive, welcome and acknowledge my son as a delightful blessing from you. In the name of Jesus, I speak your blessings upon his life right now. I thank You for blessing me with his presence in my life. Thank You Lord for the opportunity to take care of him, to teach him, to hold him, to hug him and to love him throughout his years.

Lord, I ask that you place a hedge of protection upon him and keep him safe and protected. Send Your warring ministering and guardian angels to surround him. Cover him with Your precious blood, from head to toe, side to side and inside and out.

I pray that you create a desire in his heart to serve you with a willing and obedient spirit. Let the words that come out of his mouth glorify You, and let his actions be a testimony to all who come in contact with him. Let Your light shine in him, through him and out of him. Let others be touched by the grace that surrounds him.

Lord, I ask that You perfect will be done in his life. And Lord, I ask that if there is anything impure in his life, that you speak to his spirit and convict him so that he may know Your truth. Give him the wisdom to know what is displeasing to You Lord. Give him the gift of boldness to say "no" when it's time to say "no" to ungodly things and desires. Send Your Holy Spirit to fill him, to guide him and to enlighten him throughout his walk with You Father God. I ask that You surround him with others who love You Lord so that together they can pray and build each other up in Your prefect ways. Let them hold each other accountable in every thing they do and say.

Give him a peace in his heart, and a stillness in his spirit so that he may hear what You have to say to him in all circumstances. I pray that his life glorifies You in every way, and is a mighty witness to others.

In Jesus Name I ask all this. Thank You Father for hearing my prayer. And I thank You for what You will be doing in his life. Amen and Amen!

I Love You My precious Son! You are a true blessing from God!

May 19, 2010

My Sweet Hubby and my Birthday Surprise.....

My birthday was Saturday May 15th but that was Taylor's party so Marc and I celebrated my birthday Friday night instead. He had told me earlier in the week that he was going to take me to a new restaurant in Baytown called The Red Fox. It's a really nice restaurant in our town that I really hope makes it...the food was great!!
We walk into the restaurant and I saw a head that looked familiar and yes it was someone I knew...and then there were almost all my favorite people at the same table waiting for me!!! (except for some family!!) We had the best time and the food was amazing and the wine was even better. I got some really great gifts and another pretty little blue box from hubby!! That is always a good thing!! In the middle of the table were the most beautiful red roses that Marc had sent there earlier in the day. Wow...he thought of it all and I could not have had a better birthday dinner! He is to good to me sometimes!! I just wish I would have known to bring my camera because it was a night I won't soon forget. Thank you to all my friends that took time to come celebrate with us...I know it's not always easy with work and kids. I love each and every one of you!!

Here is the bracelet Marc gave me......

These are the roses that were our centerpiece on the table....

May 17, 2010

Jesse Min is 5 today.....Happy Birthday baby boy!

Five years ago today and very young lady gave birth to a precious little boy and decided to give us another precious gift of being his parents and letting him be raised with his older brother. I was so happy the day I received that call and could not wait to meet him.....
This picture is the first time I ever laid eyes of one of the most precious baby boys in the world. He was not very happy at first to meet his new mom and dad but that did not last long.....

It didn't take him longer then about a month to become the happiest, wildest, funniest, most lovable baby! I can't imagine life without him!

Here is my sweet boy now...I can't believe that he is about to be in kindergarten!
He was one of God's greatest surprises to us....what a blessing to be his momma!!

As you can see in the pictures Jesse has always loved to suck his thumb and today at the age of 5 STILL loves it!!! We may have a huge orthodontist bill later but right now he is NOT giving it up anytime soon. He rides a bike like he has known how his whole life and swims like a fish. He loves trains and monster trucks!!
I will miss our days together when he goes to K5 next year but I know he will love school and learn lots of new things!!!

I love you Jesse Min!!!!

May 16, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday to my handsome boy!!

I guess I should say handsome young man!! I can't believe that he is 14....four more years and he could possibly be going off to college. How can that be? It seems like just yesterday he was born or we were singing Barney and now he wears his dad's shoes and is talking about how soon he will be able to get a job!

How did this precious baby boy grow up so fast?

I love you Taylor very much and I am so proud of what a good boy you are. Happy Birthday Son!!!

May 10, 2010

Weekly menu.....

Monday- dinner with The Brown's and watch Amazing Race!!

Tuesday- Eat out....Jesse has his Pre-School Graduation

Wednesday- Whole Wheat Hamburger Helper (hubby will be out of town so that is the only time we can eat HH...he hates it!!)

Thursday- Spaghetti, bread and salad

Friday- Taking Taylor out to eat for his 14th Birthday today!!!

Saturday- PARTY!!! It's my birthday today and Taylor's party. Daddy is grilling hamburgers and we are having lots of cake!! I will definately be cheating on my WW's today!!! It's my birthday and I can eat if I want too!!! LOL!!

May 8, 2010

Happy 9 Month Birthday Emily Grace!!

It seems like every time I turn around I am writing her monthly birthday thing I know she will be 18!!! Wow...time is flying by and my kiddos are all growing way to fast. I sometimes wish I could freeze time right now!!
Emily is doing all kinds of things now days....she is finally eating "real" food as we skipped baby food altogether. She just doesn't like it but she loves when we give her tiny bites of what we eat. She loves greens and meatloaf!! She also likes shredded cheese...just like her momma! She still nurses most of the time too. She weighs about 22lbs...of course Daddy thinks its more but we will see at her 9 month check up this week. She is not crawling yet but can sure get where she wants to go by rolling. She can sit up from a laying position and has even pulled up to her knees. Who knows...maybe she will skip crawling and just walk. Just the last day or so she has started waving "bye bye" and will say Da-da and one or two times has said Mama!! Such a sweet little voice.
I guess it's time to really start the planning of her first birthday party....I have actually had a file of ideas on my computer BEFORE I ever even had a girl!! Don't know why as she was and still is the biggest SURPRISE blessing ever!!!

Happy 9 month Birthday Sweet Baby girl!!!

May 4, 2010

Another Goodwill Find and my menu.....

I walked into Goodwill the other day and this is the first thing I saw and thought it looked kind of neat but wasn't sure what I would do with it. I thought about painting it white and using it to serve food on but then I had another idea......

This is the after pictures.....I spray painted it bronzed metal and am using it to hold my jewelry!! $3.99....can't beat it!!

Sunday through today I was not so good at feeding my children healthy food....we worked outside all day Sunday and yesterday evening and then today hubby is working a police job so the boys wanted to eat right after school so they had Sonic!

Half Week Menu.....

Wednesday- Amazing Race night with The Browns...we are having Beef Stroganoff, grean beans and corn casserole. I am making a cake for dessert!

Thursday- Crockpot Ribs and baked beans with rosemary potatoes.

Friday- Bunko night at my house...we are having Taco Soup, Chicken tacos and all the fixins. I am making cupcakes and cookies for dessert!!

Saturday- Finishing up the backyard so we may get to grill out!!

Weight Watchers Update.....

I reached a total loss of 10 pounds today at my weigh in. I would love for it to be 15 by now but am thrilled with 10!!! I still have a long way to go but feel really excited about reaching my goal and becoming a more healthy me. I am still nursing Emily and am one out of probably a million that can't seem to loose weight with just nursing. It makes me hungry all the time!! That is not easy when you are trying to loose but she is so worth it. I am going to nurse her until her one year birthday so after that let's hope it falls off faster!! LOL!!!

Stay tuned each Tuesday....I will update my side bar with results or each weigh in!