Apr 8, 2010

Happy 8 month Birthday Emily Grace!!

It's that time again....Emily is 8 months old today!! Crazy how time is flying by! She is looking like a little girl lately....she actually rode in her big girl stroller on Saturday and is sitting in a high chair at restaurants. WOW!! She has 8 teeth and had her first haircut last week at mom's. She weighs about 21-22lbs!! She's a chunker. She is still mostly breast fed but I have given her cereal a few times and this week am introducing her to fruits and veggies!! She is not crazy about it. She is playing with toys or really anything she can get her hands on. Yesterday I walked into the living room and she was on almost on all fours getting into the crawling position! My baby girl is growing up way to fast!!!
Yesterday when her Daddy came home from out of town she looked right at him and said "Da Da"....made his day and mine to!! I love this sweet baby girl and thank God everyday for our "surprise blessing"!!!!

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