Apr 4, 2010

Easter 2010.....

This is Emily in her Easter dress that my aunt made about 15 years ago for her granddaughter. This dress is just one of many!!! She looks like an angel!!

Only Jesse and Emily wanted to see the bunny this year...Emily has on the dress that Charlene made while I was at mom's this week. So precious!!! The girl taking the picture kept telling Jesse to open his eyes...open his eyes....finally I snapped to what she was saying and I said "he can't he's ASIAN...that is as open as they get!!" Sweet boy!!!

This is what the bunny left this morning!!! Noah got Roderick Rules that is from the Diary of a Wimpy kid book that he loves...he has almost finished it!

We had a petting zoo and egg hunt at church on Saturday! They didn't get to just pet the animals they could hold them and carry them around. The boys loved it!!

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Jackie said...

Great pictures! Your kids are beautiful and yes, Emily is a little angel!