Mar 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday......almost Friday

I have so much to be thankful for but here are just a few.....

my hubby and the things he does for our family

my boys...who make me smile everyday

my baby girl...who is the sweetest most precious baby ever

baby magic...the smell I love and I am so glad to get to use it again!! LOL!!

new friends...I am so blessed to have such great new friends in my life

old friends...that still know me so well

LAUGHTER- lately I have laughed SO HARD at lots of things and that is a great thing!!!

MD Anderson...the smart doctors and nurses that are taking care of my daddy to make him well again!

My momma...who comes every two weeks or so to help rescue me so I can go to the store!!! LOL!!!

Most of all...God...who grants me all these things each day!!!

What are you thankful for!!!!!????

1 comment:

hootsmom said...

Girl... I still use baby magic on Hoot! Are you kidding?? It's my all time favorite smell. I could EAT it up. We had a great two days with j. We're looking forward to tomorrow. i would bet that he sleeps good tonight!