Mar 8, 2010

It's that time again.....Emily Grace is 7 Months old...

I can not believe how fast my baby girl is growing up. I sometimes wish I could stop time and she could just stay a baby forever. I love the ages all my kiddos are now and am afraid to blink and they will be all grown up!

Emily, you are the most precious baby girl in the world. You look like a little doll...a chubby little doll! You are 20lbs and are already in size 12 months. You still are 100% breast I haven't started cereal or baby food yet. We may try it this weekend. I have tried twice and you do not like it at all!!
You can roll all around the living room and love your activity center and toys. You can finally play with toys without dropping them and are finally sitting up on your own. You get really mad if you fall over. You hardly ever cry and laugh and smile at everything. You truly are one of the best surprises Daddy and I could have ever been blessed with!

The last picture is her grabbing at the camera when I went in for a close funny!!

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