Mar 12, 2010 my boys:

This is Taylor holding Noah at the airport for the very first time!!!

This is Jesse all dressed up for his "Meet the Baby" party a few days after his homecoming!! That smile always cracked me up!!!

My boys Noah and Jesse have the same birthmother and there is not a day that goes by that I don't wonder if she thinks of them and wonders how they are. There is a part of me that wants her to know that they are happy, healthy, smart, fun, playful, loving, social, beautiful, handsome, and so many more things but another part of me that would be scared if she wanted to meet them. I know neither of them are old enough or ready to meet them now but maybe one day. I was looking at adoption quotes and poems and these stood out to me.......

To Noah and Jesse......
Once there were two expectant mothers.
One carried and cared for you beneath her beating heart
She became your Birthmother.
The other carried the hope of you within her.
She became your Mom.

As the days passed, and you grew bigger and stronger,
Your Birthmother knew that she could not give you all you needed after your birth.
Meanwhile, your Mom was ready and waiting for you.

God united your birthmother and mother in a really unique way.

If they could look in each other's eyes they would see a friend.
Your Birthmom knew the life your Mom could give you.
Your Mom knew how much your Birthmom loves and wants the best for you.

They decided that what you needed was both kinds of love in your life.

So now you have two families,
One by birth, the other by adoption.

And you have a home where you can get:
your questions answered,
your boo boos bandaged,
your heartaches soothed,
And much needed hugs.

And hopefully one day a place where you can find:
answers to your questions,
your image in the mirror,
a part of yourself,
And much needed hugs.

Two different kinds of families
Two different kinds of love
Both a part of you.

©by: Brenda Romanchik (but changed up a bit to fit how I feel)

Today I kissed an angel....

Today I kissed an angel.
I knew it from the start.
The first time my angel smiled at me;
I gave away my heart.
Today I kissed an angel;
This angel child of mine
Though not of my creation,
My child by God's design.

Today I kissed an angel.
My heart is dancing wild;
Our family, by a miracle;
Blessed by our angel child.


Jackie said...

Lesley...How PRECIOUS!! I love those pictures!! Those poems are so touching...what a great expression of adoption! It brought tears to my eyes...I'm so glad to know Jesse and Noah...they make me smile!!

Lianna Knight said...

I love this!!!Thanks for sharing :)