Feb 20, 2010

My Wish List.....

This is a cricut and I really need, I mean want, one! You can do things like appliques, tags, and lots more crafty things!!

I want to learn to sew so bad and be able to embroidery things....I love initials and monograms on almost everything!! I think I would monogram everything...especially Marc's work shirts!! LOL!!! He would love that!! HAHA!!!
But first I need all this.....(not sure if that is the exact one but I needed a picture!)


MrsKBJ said...

That would be a fun toy!! I love your new back ground! You look so pretty and you have a beautiful family!! Your oldest son is almost as tall as you!!! :O)

hootsmom said...

OMG I will help you pay for this machine if you will sew cute clothes for Libbie!! (that's her name)