Feb 22, 2010

My Dream Shop.....PART 1

I have always dreamed of one day having my own shop and lately it has really been on my mind and in my prayers. It may just be a huge dream but then again it may not. I already have the whole store mapped out in my head and pretty much have everything I would want to sell picked out. I went to market with my aunt last year and could have went crazy! Who knows what the future will bring and what God has in store for me....
Here are just some of my ideas!! This is part 1 to a whole bunch of other stuff so stay tuned!!

Of course it would be in Baytown or surrounding area so it won't look like any of these store fronts but I love the looks of these different shop fronts! I picture my shop pink with a hug black and white striped awning with lots of pastel colors and pretty flowers out front!! There may even be a few rocking chairs out there so the husbands can wait while their wives spend their money!!

I love the Junk Gypsy and everything she sells. I love how her girls that work for her dress....it's fun, wild and crazy! That is how my workers would dress!! :)
I would definately carry her t-shirts and the cute jeans pictured below!

I love wild cowgirl boots....I have never worn any or owned any for that matter but have been thinking lately that it may be time that I do get some. I would love to sell them in my "shop" too. They are cute with jeans, skirts, shorts and even those crazy petticoats!!

I LOVE Tyler candles....some of the fragrances are a little strong but most of them smell so good! I love how this shop even has the display painted pink. I think that is what mine would look like too or maybe another wild and bright color.

These beautiful necklaces and jewelry pieces are by Lisa Leonard Designs. I am not sure if she sells in shops but I love everything she makes. Check out her site here!

I love everything that Gracious Goods makes....I actually have the beverage server, canisters and salt and pepper shakers. I would for sure carry their things in my store!!

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circadian particulars...for my child said...

thanx for sharing the link to Lisa Leonard designs. I'm loving her jewelry. I love your shop idea. If you need any furniture for it (or for your own home) check out my cousin's business...www.altard.com. It reminded me of you.