Nov 14, 2009

Married Life Live......

This is an event, or a "date night" that we have at our church for married couples and tonight I just decided to google it and see what other churches do for theirs and found the 6 essentials that we talk about during our "Married Life Live" nights. It's been awhile since we had one so I really had forgotten what they were but it really is something that every married couple should try to follow!!

1) Trust God
If having a healthy marriage seems impossible, it's because it is. However, we have a loving, heavenly Father who wants to make it possible. We believe the number one essential of a healthy marriage is allowing God to control our lives. That is why we believe the number one essential for a healthy marriage it to Trust God.

2) Hurry Home
It is essential for a healthy marriage that you make your time together a priority. For marriages to thrive, schedules must reflect the huge priority of home. In other words, cheat at work if you must, but do not cheat at home. In fact we encourage you to Hurry Home.

3) Cultivate Communication
There may be nothing worse than feeling misunderstood. And perhaps there is nothing better than feeling understood, being known. Good communication is paramount in a good marriage. We believe it is essential for you and your spouse to Cultivate Communication.

4) Nurture Romance
The power of romance, sex and intimacy can be a married couple's biggest ally or it's greatest enemy. It's quite natural to want your spouse to remember your romantic needs and desires. However, Married Life believes the goal should be to put your spouse's needs and desires first. That's the best way to Nurture Romance.

5) Celebrate Differences
By God's design, men and women are very different. Our differences can be used to complement and serve each other, or they can drive us apart. We often try to change our spouses, in the name of love. Married Life believes a better option is to love our spouses, even if they never change. It's crucial for couples to seek to understand and accept each other's differences. We want you to Celebrate Differences.

6) Finish Together
More and more people are putting divorce on the table as an option. One essential thing every healthy marriage needs is security. People need to know that together as a couple, they can work out anything. We want couples to Finish Together.

Married Life LIVE is an event held about three times a year and gives couples an opportunity to make intentional investments into their marriages. The event includes dinner for the family, childcare, and helpful tools in building a stronger and closer relationship. Is it possible for two people to fall in love and actually stay there? Absolutely! Learn how.

If you live near me and want to come we are having it Friday, November 20th at Second Baytown!!
Email with questions!

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