Oct 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday.........

I am thankful for the big things of course like my family and my friends but lately I find myself so thankful for just some little things. Here are a few……..
I am thankful for laughter with my boys….no one can make me laugh like they do. Each one of them have the best sense of humor and can say and do the funniest things. We have laughed so much this week.
I am thankful for my precious baby girl and her sweet smiles she gives me. I am thankful to be able to spend every minute with her and watch her grow.
I am thankful for my husband and the little things we share…..like snuggling feet at night or sitting out by the pool talking or sometimes me listening to him sing while he listens to his IPod!!
I am thankful for the sounds of Marc and the boys playing in the pool together and the sounds of Noah and Jesse squealing with laughter as Marc tickles them before bed.
I am thankful for my 13 year old that still tells me he loves me MOST of the time when he gets in the car after school and thankful to my little ones that tell me they love me ALL THE TIME!!! I can’t wait to hear Emily say it too.
I am thankful that Emily has three older brothers.
I am thankful for surprises…..especially the ones Heaven sent!!!
I am thankful for Jesus and what he did for us because if he hadn’t I wouldn’t have the life I have!!!

What are you most thankful for?????

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