Oct 5, 2009

Monday Memories....My Babies!!!

Since having Emily it has got me to thinking about all my children and how fast they grow up. It seems like just yesterday I was changing Taylor’s diaper. Then sometimes I feel like I blinked my eyes and they aren’t babies anymore. I remember Taylor’s chubby cheeks and raspy little voice and the way he just fit right on a pillow between us on the couch. I remember how he liked to nurse every hour, which resulted in the many rolls he had. I remember Noah’s smiley face!! That boy was smiling the minute he came off the plane and never had one attachment problem. He loved us from the first time we laid eyes on each other but not more then we loved him. He was 4 months old the day he joined our family. Jesse came home at 7.5 months old and was NOT a happy camper meeting his new mommy and daddy. That did not last long at all as it wasn’t a few days that he came to love us as much as we already loved him. One thing I miss about him is that crooked little smile you see in the first picture. How cute is that?
I forgot how I missed the smell of baby magic, how they look at you while nursing or taking a bottle and how they hold their hands in a fist. Why can’t I just freeze them the age they are now because next thing I know they will all be grown and on their own!!!

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Amber said...

Awwwww!! makes me want babies!