Oct 18, 2009


H- Hear God's voice by being in tune with Him.

E- Expect that He has our best interest at heart.

A- Acknowledge God with your actions around the people you love.

R- Realize that God will always show up.

God may not be early but He is never to late!!!!

This was part of the sermon this morning preached by Mark Stafford!!

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Susan S. said...

Hey there....Thanks for stopping by. My sister and I loved that little store and felt so blessed to stumble upon it. I could have stay for hours on that porch or by the fire pit! TOO COOL! You Mom has a real knack.

too funny about you finding me but it doesn't surprise me. I blogged about another cute store from a trip to Rockport and got a sweet note from her as well. I guess lots of people Google their stores. :) I like to share all the cool places I find and hopefully give them some busines.
Blessings to you and your beautiful family! Happy Fall Ya'll.....